No Nasties Scarf Carnaby
No Nasties Scarf Carnaby

No Nasties Scarf Carnaby

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The Carnaby (pink) knitted scarf is lightweight, cozy and big enough to be a wrap! Lightly knitted in 100% organic Fairtrade cotton yarn, this scarf is part of No Nasties premium range, their softest, comfiest, cosiest clothes ever! Make it your favourite scarf, travel wrap, throw or even a baby blanket - it's incredibly versatile!
Size: 40 x 60 inches
Made with 100% certified organic cotton.

What No Nasties Believe In...

"All our clothes are made from 100% certified organic cotton. No GMO seeds, no toxic pesticides, no synthetic fertilisers.
All our factories are fair trade certified. No child labour, no modern day slavery, no exploitation.
All our products are PETA approved Vegan. No animal by-products, no animal testing or cruelty.
All our dyes & inks are eco-friendly. No heavy metals, no azo-dyes, no plastisols.
All our packaging is made from organic cotton or recycled cardboard. No plastic."