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Clothing is one of life's essentials. Yet not all clothing is created equal. For those working in the clothing industry, whether it be in the cotton fields, sweatshops, or even surrounding areas, life is a struggle. But it doesn't have to be this way! 

We are Living Fibres, a husband and wife team set on doing things a little differently. For us enough is enough. Knowing the terrible impact fast fashion has on farmers, garment workers, local communities and the environment; we simply couldn't stick with the status quo. 
Our store is focused on products which have been independently certified both Fairtrade and Organic. For us, we see Fairtrade as being an opportunity for new growth within the lives of the producers and workers that come under this banner. Living Fibres exists to encourage and expand that growth, through stocking and promoting brands that meet the standards of these certifications. Our goal is ultimately to make ethical clothing more readily available in New Zealand. 
We can't change an entire industry, but we can play our part in a new fashion industry that is both fairer on its workers and kinder to the environment. Thank you for choosing to make a difference and supporting us on our journey towards making the world a better place!

Caleb and Anna

Caleb and Anna from Living Fibres