Flip Flops - Save the Children (Size 11/12 ONLY)
Save the Children Natural Rubber Jandals
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Flip Flops - Save the Children (Size 11/12 ONLY)

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Sizing is men's sizing/ UK. Add 2 sizes for women's. E.g. size 11/12 is a size 13/14 women's. 

These white flip flops not only look classy, but they also have a classy purpose. When you purchase these flip flops, you are supporting Save the Children! Save the Children exists to help children in need all around the world. Now not many flip flops can carry that claim! Made by Etiko Australia.

Summer's here and you're caught short, you have no flip flops! Flip flops are a New Zealand institution, the footwear of choice for enjoying the long hot days. However, before you go down to your local footwear store and grab a pair, have a look what we have here. First of all, these flip flops are free of nasty PVC, the standard material used in flip flop manufacture. Instead these ones are made from natural and recycled rubber.... now that is much kinder on the environment and your feet!

Okay, so you're thinking surely that is the only benefit you could get from a pair of flip flops? Well.... it's not. The production also supports the local community where they are manufactured, helping to reduce poverty! Oh and the different colours you see, they are more than a fashion decision. Every sale of these flip flops helps to support various social and environmental projects, with the different colours representing different projects. How cool is that!

Why settle for only looking good this summer, when you can be making the world a better place with every stride!